What does E9 mean in Baseball?

Mistake made by the right fielder, E9

In the world of baseball, E9 is a common slang term. It’s an acronym that stands for a fielding error made by the right fielder. The term is made up of two parts: ‘E’ for error and ‘9’ for the right fielder’s position.

When a fielder makes a mistake, it’s not counted as a hit. If a runner manages to score because of this mistake, that run is counted as unearned, not earned. This is important to note because it affects the score and statistics of the game.

Baseball uses numbers to refer to player positions. This system is helpful for keeping track of scores and player performance. Here’s a quick rundown: 1 refers to the Pitcher, 2 to the Catcher, 3 to the First base, 4 is for Second base, 5 for Third base, 6 signifies the Shortstop, 7 is for Left field, 8 for Center field, and 9 is for Right field. So, when you see E9, you now know it refers to an error made by the Right fielder.

Example for using ‘E9’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that play in the game last night?

Yeah, I saw it! The right fielder totally messed up!

I know, right? That was such an E9!

Haha, yeah! E9s can be game-changers sometimes.