What does Eco-dumping mean?

Breaking up with someone over their stance on environmental issues

Eco-dumping is a modern dating trend where someone ends a relationship due to a disagreement over environmental issues. It might happen if, for instance, a woman decides to break up with her boyfriend because he owns a fuel-thirsty SUV and doesn’t believe in recycling.

With the rise of environmental awareness among young people, particularly those belonging to Generation Z, eco-friendliness has become an important quality they look for in a potential partner. If someone doesn’t match up to their eco-standards, they might get eco-dumped.

Most of the time, eco-dumping happens because one partner doesn’t care enough about the environment. However, it can also happen if a partner is perceived to care too much about environmental issues, but this is not as common.

Example for using ‘Eco-dumping’ in a conversation

Just broke up with my boyfriend 😞

Oh no! What happened?

I eco-dumped him. He doesn’t care about the environment at all 🌍

Wow, really? That’s a valid reason, I suppose. It’s important to be with someone who shares your values.