What does Eeyore mean?

Someone who always expects the worst

If someone labels you as an Eeyore, they’re essentially saying they see you as generally downcast, melancholic, or perhaps a bit grumpy. This term comes directly from the enchanting Winnie the Pooh stories, where Eeyore is the perpetually gloomy donkey living in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Typically, being dubbed an Eeyore isn’t seen as a positive thing. However, it’s worth noting that despite his gloominess, many find Eeyore rather endearing and adorable. So, if you’re likened to Eeyore, it might not be all bad as you could also be seen as charming too.

On a lighter note, people who use the term Eeyore for their less cheerful friends, might also use the term Tigger for their more upbeat buddies. Tigger, another character from Winnie the Pooh, is known for his lively and optimistic nature, making him the polar opposite of Eeyore.

Example for using ‘Eeyore’ in a conversation

I don’t know, the weather just always seems to ruin my plans. It’s so frustrating!

Haha, you’re such an Eeyore sometimes! Don’t let a little rain get you down. 🌧️

I can’t help it, it just puts me in a bad mood. πŸ˜”

Well, try to look on the bright side. Maybe it’ll clear up later and we can still have fun! β˜€οΈ