What does EI mean in gaming?

Eat it

If you’re a gamer and someone tells you to ‘EI,’ they’re essentially saying “eat it.” This phrase is a form of trash talk, similar to “get rekt” or “get oofed.”

When someone tells you to “eat it,” they’re implying that they’ve beaten you so badly, you’re being forced to swallow something you don’t want. The “it” in “eat it” can be a bit vague, though. It might represent your own defeat, the other player’s success, or perhaps something a bit more indelicate.

If you’re ever curious about what exactly your opponent wants you to “eat,” just ask. Just remember, asking might just get them more fired up!

Example for using ‘EI’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see my latest gaming video?

Yeah, I did. You totally owned that guy!

Haha, thanks! He was so bad.

He must’ve been so mad. He should just EI!