Elite Eight

What does Elite Eight mean in March Madness?

Final eight teams in March Madness

During the March Madness event, you’ll often hear the term ‘Elite Eight’. This refers to the final eight teams that are still standing in the tournament. It’s a catchy phrase which follows the pattern of using alliteration to name the different stages of the competition, such as the Sweet Sixteen and the Final Four.

The Elite Eight is made up of the two final teams from each of the four regions: East, West, Midwest, and South. Each of these teams has managed to come out on top in their Sweet Sixteen match, securing their place in the Elite Eight.

Once in the Elite Eight, the stakes get even higher. The team that wins their Elite Eight match advances to the Final Four. And from there, the successful teams will compete in the championship game, where the ultimate winner of the March Madness tournament is crowned.

Example for using ‘Elite Eight’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the March Madness games last night?

Yeah, I caught some of them! The Elite Eight teams are looking strong!

I know, right? It’s always exciting to see who makes it to the Final Four.

Definitely! I’m rooting for my favorite team to win the Elite Eight game and move on.