What does Emo mean?

Emo stands for Emotional

Emo is a slang term that actually stands for “emotional”. It’s a label often given to people who seem to have very changeable moods, appearing happy one moment and then suddenly seeming sad the next.

This term is most commonly used to describe teenagers, who are known for their mood swings. However, anyone of any age who displays this type of unpredictable emotional behavior can be referred to as emo.

There are also certain cultural elements associated with being emo. People labeled as emo often listen to music that features a lead singer with a high-pitched or whiny voice. They also tend to wear a lot of black clothing and often have a hairstyle that covers part of their face.

Example for using ‘Emo’ in a conversation

Person 1: Hey, did you see that new kid in school?

Person 2: Yeah, I did. They look kinda emo.

Person 1: What do you mean by “emo”?

Person 2: It means they’re super emotional and their moods can change quickly.