What does Enby mean?

An individual who identifies as non-binary

An enby is a term used for individuals who identify themselves as “Non-binary”. This means they don’t strictly identify as male or female, breaking away from the traditional gender binary system. The term originated as a phonetic way of pronouncing the acronym NB, which stands for Non-binary.

Being an enby can mean different things to different people. Some enbies might not identify with any gender, while others might identify with multiple genders. There are also enbies who might fluctuate between genders.

The term enby is predominantly recognized and used within the LGBTQ community. It becomes even more common during the month of June, which is globally recognized as Pride month.

Example for using ‘Enby’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of the term ‘Enby’?

Yeah, I’ve come across it. It refers to a non-binary person.

Oh, so it means someone who doesn’t identify as male or female, right?

Exactly! ‘Enby’ is a phonetic pronunciation of the NB acronym, which stands for non-binary.