Energy Vampire

What does Energy Vampire mean?

An individual who drains your emotional energy

An energy vampire is someone who takes away your emotional energy. They could be anyone in your life: a colleague, a relative, or a friend. These people absorb your emotional energy, either on purpose or by accident.

Let’s say, you have a pal, John, who always turns to you when his relationships go south. He leans on you for emotional support, leaving you drained. Or perhaps, your sister, Alice, who battles with high stress levels, uses you as her safety net. She constantly depends on you to manage her stressful episodes, making her an energy vampire.

There are several signs to identify an energy vampire. They often crave for attention, they don’t bother about your feelings, they never accept their mistakes, and they tend to exaggerate things. If you feel emotionally drained around someone, it’s likely that they are an energy vampire.

Dealing with energy vampires requires you to set boundaries. If they don’t respect your limits, you might need to remove them from your life.

Example for using ‘Energy Vampire’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free this weekend?

Not really, I have to help my brother with his anxiety again.

Oh no, he’s such an energy vampire!

Yeah, it can be really exhausting. I need to set some boundaries with him.