Entry Fragger

What does Entry Fragger mean in CS:GO?

A CS:GO player who starts the fights

In the world of the popular video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), an Entry Fragger has a very specific role. This player is typically the first one to confront the enemy and take control of contested areas. Despite the high risk of dying, a good entry fragger not only manages to take out an enemy first but also survives the encounter.

An entry fragger doesn’t just run headfirst into enemy territory. Instead, they carefully follow the instructions of their team’s IGL (in-game leader) and work with their teammates to lead the charge in larger attacks. Their main job isn’t to single-handedly win the game, but to create beneficial situations that their teammates can take advantage of. This often happens even at the expense of the entry fragger’s life, as their role is often sacrificial.

Example for using ‘Entry Fragger’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the CS:GO tournament yesterday?

Yeah, it was intense! The entry fragger for Team A was on fire.

Totally! He managed to get those early kills and create openings for his team.

Exactly! Even though he died a lot, his sacrifices were worth it for the team.