What does Enuf mean?

‘Enuf’ means ‘Enough’

Enuf is a quick way to type the word “enough”. It’s often used in text messages or online chats, especially when someone is trying to be cool or edgy. (Or if they aren’t sure how to spell “enough.”)

You’ll typically find enuf in phrases like “that’s enuf” or “had enuf”. The use of enuf instead of enough can give an impression of toughness or casualness.

So, next time you see enuf in a message, just know it’s a hip way of saying “enough”. It’s all about making the conversation more relaxed and informal.

Example for using ‘Enuf’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the new movie?

Yeah, I watched it yesterday. It was enuf to keep me entertained.

Oh, really? I’ve been thinking of watching it. Is it worth it?

Definitely! The action scenes are enuf to blow your mind!