What does EOBD stand for?

End of business day

EOBD is an acronym often used in the workplace, particularly in emails or instant messages. It stands for ‘End of Business Day’, and it’s a more specific version of the widely used term ‘EOD’, which means ‘End of Day’. Its purpose is to remove any confusion about what part of the day is being referred to.

It’s common to see EOBD used when there is a task or deadline that needs to be completed by the end of the workday. For instance, a supervisor might use EOBD to indicate when they expect a project to be finished.

Other than EOBD and EOD, there are also other similar terms like COB (Close of Business), COP (Close of Play), and EOP (End of Play). Each of these terms can be used to specify a deadline or end time in a professional setting.

Example for using ‘EOBD’ in a conversation

Hey, can you finish that report by EOBD? πŸ“Š

Sure, I’ll make sure to get it done before the end of the day! ⏰

Thanks! It’s important for the meeting tomorrow morning. πŸ“…

No problem, I’ll prioritize it. See you tomorrow! πŸ‘‹