What does EOC stand for?

Evidence of coverage

If you’ve ever come across the acronym ‘EOC’, it’s a term mainly used in the health care industry. It stands for a legal document that outlines the specifics of a subscriber’s health care plan, whether it’s an HMO or PPO.

This document is typically sent out by the health care provider in the fall season. It holds crucial details like the amount the individual is expected to pay and the services that the plan covers.

In short, the ‘EOC’ gives you a full overview of your health insurance plan, helping you understand what’s on offer and what you’ll be paying for.

Example for using ‘EOC’ in a conversation

Hey, did you get your EOC yet? 😊

Yeah, I just got it in the mail! What’s EOC though? 🤔

It stands for Evidence of Coverage. It’s a document that explains our health plan, like what it covers and how much we have to pay. 📄💰

Oh, got it! So it’s like a summary of our health insurance details, right? 🏥