What does ESL stand for?

Electronic Sports League

ESL is a well-known global eSports entity that organizes a variety of video game contests each year. These competitions are a big deal in the gaming world and attract many participants and spectators.

Events like the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) and the Pro Series are some of the noteworthy tournaments hosted by the ESL. These events provide a platform for gamers to compete at a high level and showcase their skills.

So, when you hear the term ESL, it’s referring to an international eSports organization that’s all about hosting video game tournaments. It’s a term that’s key in the world of competitive gaming.

Example for using ‘ESL’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of the ESL?

Yeah, it stands for Electronic Sports League, right? 🎮

Exactly! It’s an international eSports league that hosts video game tournaments. 🌍

Oh, cool! Which games do they have tournaments for?

They have tournaments for games like IEM and the ESL Pro series. 🏆