What does Evs mean?


If you receive a text saying “evs”, this means the person doesn’t really have a strong view on the subject you’re discussing. Let’s say you ask your buddy if they’d prefer to go see a drama or a thriller film on Saturday, and they reply with “evs”, this means they’re fine with either choice.

The term evs is actually a cut-down version of “whatevs”, which is, in turn, a more casual version of the word “whatever”. The fact that evs is even shorter than whatevs gives it an extra edge of indifference that “whatevs” and “whatever” just don’t have.

Using evs in a conversation pretty much tells the other person, “I can’t be bothered to even type out ‘whatevs'”. So, remember, if someone texts you ‘evs’, they’re basically saying they don’t care enough to pick a side or make a decision on the topic at hand.

Example for using ‘Evs’ in a conversation

Hey, do you want to go to the beach or the park today? 🌞

Evs. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Okay, how about we meet at 3 pm? ⏰

Sure, evs. πŸ™ƒ