What does EWI mean in texting?

Emailing while intoxicated

Imagine getting an email that’s full of typos, doesn’t make sense, and leaves you scratching your head. The culprit might not be a bad spell check but rather a tipsy typist. This is where ‘EWI’ comes into play. It’s a slang term used to indicate that the email you’ve just received was probably written by someone who’s had a few too many.

‘EWI’ is a handy little acronym to know, especially if you’re trying to decipher a message that seems a little off. It stands for ‘Emailing While Intoxicated’ and it’s used to describe a message that’s full of mistakes or just plain confusing. It’s similar to terms like Dweet and DWWWI, which also suggest the sender may not be in their right mind.

So, next time you come across a bizarre email that’s hard to understand, remember the term ‘EWI’. It could save you a lot of confusion. And if you’re ever tempted to type out a message after a few drinks, it might be best to sleep on it and send it in the morning, just to avoid being an ‘EWI’ culprit yourself.

Example for using ‘EWI’ in a conversation

Hey, did you get my email last night?

Yeah, I did. It was totally EWI!

Haha, sorry about that. I was a little tipsy.

No worries, I could tell. It was pretty funny though!