What does Exp mean in video games?


In the world of video games, Exp is a term you’ll often come across. It’s simply a shorthand way of saying “experience”. It’s mostly used to denote the experience that a player or an avatar gains.

Exp is not just about the experience, it also often carries a specific numeric value. As a player progresses through a game, they accumulate more of this Exp which is often used to level up or unlock new abilities.

So, next time you’re playing a video game and you see ‘Exp’, you’ll know what it means. It’s all about the experience points you’re earning during your gaming adventure.

Example for using ‘Exp’ in a conversation

Hey, did you play the new game?

Yeah, I did! I gained a lot of Exp!

Nice! How much Exp did you get?

I managed to earn 500 Exp points!