What does Facts mean?

‘Facts’ in slang means ‘Agreed’

‘Facts’ is a slang term meaning ‘Agreed,’ and it’s used to stress the accuracy of another person’s statement. This term is a big deal on the internet, especially on social media platforms where people love to share their views.

The term became trendy in 2017 and is primarily used by the younger generation. On platforms like Twitter or Instagram, you will often find it as a single-word reply to someone’s post. It can be text, a picture, or even a video, and it might be preceded by a hashtag (#).

But it’s not just restricted to online use. You can hear it in daily conversations too. When someone gives their opinion, especially a bold or controversial one, another person might say ‘Facts.’ They can say it with a lot of energy if they are in the heat of a debate. Or, they might say it quietly, perhaps with a slow nod, if it’s a sad truth that they are agreeing to.

Example for using ‘Facts’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the new episode of that show? The ending was so unexpected! 😮

Facts! I totally agree, I was shocked too! 🤯

Right? I couldn’t believe it when that happened. 🙀

I know, it was such a plot twist. Can’t wait for the next episode! 🙌