What does Fade mean in fantasy sports?

Deliberately ignoring a player

In the world of fantasy sports like football or baseball, ‘Fade’ is a strategy where you purposefully ignore a player. It could be during a draft, where you might believe that a player is expected to perform higher than their actual worth, or when setting up your lineup, where you might think that a player won’t score enough points in their game.

There can be many reasons behind the decision to ‘Fade’ a player. One common situation is when you have a hunch that another player will perform better, even if the player you’re fading is predicted to have a higher score. In these cases, you might consider factors like the game conditions or the strategies of the teams involved.

Another typical reason to fade a player is if they’re coming back from an injury. This can make fantasy owners wary when drafting and setting their lineups for the week. For instance, if a quarterback is recovering from a serious injury like a torn ligament, you might not be confident that they’ll be at their best, so you decide to fade them when drafting. This could mean picking them in a later round if they’re still available and their Average Draft Position (ADP) has passed.

Example for using ‘Fade’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the fantasy football draft rankings?

Yeah, I checked them out. Who are you thinking of drafting?

I think I’m going to fade Julio Jones this year.

Really? He’s projected to have a great season.

I know, but I have a feeling that another wide receiver will outscore him.

Ah, I see. Gut feelings can be important in fantasy sports.