Fake Body

What does Fake Body mean on TikTok?

A video showing off revealing clothing

When a video is posted on TikTok that features the user in somewhat revealing attire, they might include the phrase “Fake Body” in the video’s caption or accompanying text. This is done with the intention of circumventing TikTok’s automated moderation system that screens for content with partial nudity.

The idea behind this is that by using the words fake body in a video’s description or text, it can “fool” the TikTok moderation system into thinking that the video does not show any real skin. If successful, this would mean the video won’t be flagged or taken down. However, whether this trick actually works or not might vary.

Usually, the term fake body is found within a video’s description or as part of the hashtags. It’s typically written in capital letters and is often followed by a couple of warning emojis. The phrase is mostly used by people posting ‘thirst trap’ videos – videos intended to attract attention in a sexual manner – with the hope that labeling them as ‘fake body’ will prevent them from being removed.

Example for using ‘Fake Body’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that TikTok video I posted?

Yeah, I did! You were rocking that outfit!

Thanks! I was a bit worried it might get taken down for being too revealing.

Oh, I see. Did you use any tricks to keep it up?

Yeah, I added “fake body” in the description just to be safe.

Ah, got it! That’s clever, using those words to fool the system.

Exactly! It’s like a secret code that helps protect the video.