False Flag

What does False Flag mean?

An aggressive act meant to make it look like someone else did it

False Flag is a term that points to an act that’s done to cause damage or trouble and then put the blame on someone else. This could mean anything from a serious like a terrorist attack to something as simple as blaming a younger sister for smashing a vase.

The term is most often used in the context of conspiracy theories. People believe that governments might create harmful events and then place the blame on other countries. The motive behind such actions is usually to change the public’s view on a particular issue or to paint other governments in a bad light.

Example for using ‘False Flag’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about the recent bombing in the city?

Yeah, it’s crazy! I’ve been reading some theories online saying it might be a false flag.

What’s a false flag?

It’s when an attack is carried out to make it look like someone else did it. Like a setup.