False Spring

What does False Spring mean?

Weather that feels like Spring but then turns back into Winter

False spring is a brief period of time that feels like spring but happens before the real spring starts, usually near the end of winter. It’s like a sneak peek of spring where you have a week of warm, pleasant weather in March, only to return to biting, winter-like temperatures. Many people dislike false spring because it gives a false sense of hope for the arrival of spring, only to be replaced by the cold again.

While it might seem like a relief from the harsh winter, a false spring can be quite a disappointment. The good news is, this short-lived pseudo-spring is usually followed by a brief period of winter before the real spring sets in. So, there’s no need to lose hope.

But us humans aren’t the only ones affected by a false spring. It can also have a confusing impact on nature. Plants might start blooming early due to the warm weather, only to die when the freezing temperatures return. Similarly, animals might be fooled into ending their hibernation early and struggle to find food that hasn’t grown back yet.

Example for using ‘False Spring’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the weather today? It feels like spring!

I know, right? It’s so warm and sunny! I love it!

Yeah, but I heard it’s just a false spring. Winter might come back.

Oh no, really? I was hoping spring was finally here.