What does Fandom mean?

Group of fans

Fandom is a term that represents a group of individuals who are passionate about a common interest. It’s a clever play on the words “fanatics” and “kingdom,” signifying a community that is united by their shared enthusiasm.

This shared interest could be anything – a sports team, a celebrity, a film, a TV show, or even a book. Fans connect with each other based on these shared interests and often form close bonds. It’s not uncommon for fans to express their passion through cosplay, such as wearing prosthetic elf ears if they are part of a fantasy series fandom.

One of the most popular ways for a fandom to gather is at fan conventions. An example could be events like Pop Culture Expo, where fans get to immerse themselves in their shared passion, often dressing up as their favorite characters and meeting others who share their love.

Example for using ‘Fandom’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about the new TV show?

Yes, I’m part of the fandom! It’s amazing!

That’s cool! I might join the fandom too.

You should! We have so much fun discussing the show.