What does FAQ stand for?

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ is an abbreviation for “frequently asked questions.” It’s a term often seen on websites, in user guides, or even on social media platforms.

Usually, an FAQ section is positioned as a title followed by a list of questions that are often asked. These questions, along with their answers, are typically related to a specific topic. This could be anything from details about a company, a particular software, or even the rules for posting in an online community.

The FAQ is a useful tool because it provides quick answers to common queries. So, when you see ‘FAQ’ somewhere on a website, know that it’s your go-to spot for getting answers to questions that others have frequently asked.

Example for using ‘FAQ’ in a conversation

Hey, do you know how to reset the password on this app?

I’m not sure, did you check the FAQ section on their website?

Oh, good idea! I’ll look for the FAQ right now.

Yeah, it’s usually pretty helpful. Let me know if you still can’t figure it out.