What does Fave mean?

‘Fave’ is slang for ‘Favorite’

Fave is a shorthand term for the word favorite. It’s a casual way of expressing something you love or prefer among other things. This could be anything like your fave songs, films, celebrities, or even places to hang out.

For instance, if your pal, Jake, is on the hunt for some good reads, he might post on his social media, “Hey, what are your Top 5 fave books?” Here, Jake is asking his friends to share the titles of their most-loved books. He plans to add these book recommendations to his “To Be Read” list.

So next time when someone asks about your fave things, you know they’re asking about your most-liked or preferred choices. It’s a cool and quick way to ask for or share recommendations!

Example for using ‘Fave’ in a conversation

Hey! Have you watched any good movies lately?

Yeah! I saw this awesome new film called “Inception”! It’s my fave!

Oh, cool! I’ll add it to my watchlist. What’s it about?

It’s a mind-bending sci-fi movie about dreams within dreams. You’ll love it!