What does FBTW stand for?

Fine, be that way

When people are having a heated argument and one person feels the other is being too stubborn, they might resort to using the acronym FBTW. This could be because they are tired of trying to convince the other person and want to end the conversation. A typical scenario could be someone getting annoyed at their colleague’s refusal to see a different perspective and texting, “FBTW!”

Online chats and text messages are common places to spot the use of FBTW. This is especially true during intense debates that could revolve around topics like politics, faith, or even the correct way to hang toilet paper. The acronym is usually used in a serious context, but some people use it in a lighthearted way, often accompanied by a winking emoticon to signify a playful disagreement.

Example for using ‘FBTW’ in a conversation

Ugh, I can’t believe you’re still defending pineapple on pizza. It’s just wrong!

Come on, it’s a matter of personal preference. I happen to like the sweet and savory combination.

Whatever, FBTW! πŸ™„