What does Feds mean?

Federal agents

If you ever hear the term ‘Feds’, know that it’s referring to federal agents. These agents usually work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), but they can also work for other federal agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), or National Security Agency (NSA).

Typically, you won’t encounter the feds unless you’re involved in some serious illegal activities. They’re the ones investigating things like organized crime, terrorism, and cybercrime. You’re more likely to come across the term ‘Feds’ in films, TV shows, or news stories, often ones about big, dramatic busts of criminal rings.

While ‘Feds’ is a straightforward term for federal agents, some people use it with a bit of a sting. They might be using ‘Feds’ to express their dislike for the government or its employees, or they might be involved in criminal activities themselves.

This term is mostly used in the United States, where these federal agencies operate. However, other countries like Canada and the UK might use ‘Feds’ to refer to their own government agencies or law enforcement officers.

Example for using ‘Feds’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about that huge drug bust?

Yeah, the feds were all over it! 🚔

I can’t believe they caught those guys!

The feds always get their man! 👮‍♂️