What does Felfie mean?

Felfie means a picture with family

When you hear the word ‘Felfie’, think of a selfie with your family. This term is a creative blend of the words “family” and “selfie.”

Essentially, a Felfie is a photo that one person takes of themselves along with their family members. It’s a popular way of capturing precious family moments.

Felfie is most often used when a family is having a good time together. It could be during a holiday, a picnic, or even a simple family dinner at home or a restaurant.

So, next time you are enjoying a lovely time with your family, don’t forget to take a Felfie and capture those beautiful moments!

Example for using ‘Felfie’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? We took a felfie today!

No way! That’s awesome! Where did you guys take it?

We went to the beach and took it during sunset. It turned out really nice!

I bet it did! Felfies always look so happy and fun. Can’t wait to see it!