What does Feminazi mean?

A feminist who is extremely assertive

A Feminazi is often seen as an extremely assertive feminist who forces their beliefs onto others. This term is mostly used by those who disagree with feminist ideologies, as a way to criticize the forceful methods employed by some feminists.

Interestingly, the term is a blend of “feminist” and “Nazi”. This comparison is made to imply the oppressive control Nazis were infamous for, suggesting these feminists are similarly overbearing.

Similar to the phrase ‘liberal tears’, you’ll often find ‘Feminazi’ used in the comments section of news articles or on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Example for using ‘Feminazi’ in a conversation

Did you see that article about gender equality?

Yeah, I did. Some people are really passionate about it.

True, but there are also those aggressive feminists, you know?

Oh, you mean the feminazis? They can be quite intense.