What does Filler mean in video games?

Stuff that isn’t needed

In video games and websites, you might come across some content that doesn’t really add any value. This is what we call ‘Filler’. It’s a sort of padding that’s added just to make the game or website look bigger or longer.

For instance, game developers might throw in some filler to boast about their game’s gameplay hours. It’s a marketing trick. But the content doesn’t actually add anything to the game’s story or experience. It’s just there, taking up space.

So, when you hear someone talking about ‘Filler’ in a game or web content, now you know what it means. It’s that unnecessary stuff that’s just there to make things look more substantial than they really are.

Example for using ‘Filler’ in a conversation

Hey, have you played that new video game?

Yeah, I have. It’s pretty fun, but there’s a lot of filler in it.

Oh, what do you mean by ‘filler’?

Filler is like unnecessary content that’s added just to make the game longer.