What does Finessing mean?

Conning someone into handing something over to you

When someone is “Finessing”, they’re using cunning tricks or persuasive tactics to get something they want. This can be anything from sweet-talking to a planned con or even a straight-up lie.

Despite seeming similar, finessing isn’t exactly the same as stealing. Rather, the person doing the finessing, or the finesser, successfully convinces their target to willingly hand over what they desire.

There might be instances where the finesser doesn’t fulfill a promise made during the finessing process. But from the finesser’s perspective, it’s all part of the game. The target should be wise enough to not trust others easily.

Example for using ‘Finessing’ in a conversation

Hey, I heard you got those concert tickets for free. How did you do it?

Haha, I finessed the vendor. Told them I was a VIP and they just gave them to me.

Wow, that’s clever. You’re really good at this finessing stuff.

Thanks! It’s all about knowing how to work people. Just gotta finesse them into giving you what you want.