What does Finna mean?

Planned to

When someone says they’re “finna”, they’re actually saying they’re “fixing to” do something. This simply means they’re preparing or planning to do something similar to saying “going to” or “gonna”.

Let’s take it into a real life example. If John says he’s “finna hit the gym”, he’s basically saying he’s getting ready to work out. It’s a fun, informal way to talk about future plans.

Similarly, if Sarah mentions she’s “finna watch a movie”, she’s just telling you she’s about to watch a film. Hopefully, you’re “finna” learn more slang terms!

Remember, slang is all about making language more relaxed and casual. So next time you’re preparing to do something, why not tell your friends you’re “finna” do it? Have fun with it!

Example for using ‘Finna’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m finna grab some pizza. You wanna join?

Sure, I’m finna to head over now. What’s the address?

It’s 123 Main Street. Meet you there!

Alright, I’m finna excited for some delicious pizza!