What does Finsta mean?

Fake Instagram account

A Finsta is short for ‘finstagram’, a term used to describe a fake Instagram account. This isn’t your main account but rather a secondary, more private one.

Your Finsta lets you break free from the need to look perfect on your main account. You can be yourself here, posting crazy photos or sharing private jokes with a select group of friends.

Because a Finsta is kept locked, you get to choose who can follow you and see your posts. This feature is particularly appealing to female users who prefer to keep their online interactions within a trusted circle.

Example for using ‘Finsta’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of this term ‘Finsta’?

Yeah, it’s short for ‘fake Instagram account’.

Oh, so it’s like a secret account?

Exactly! People use it to be more authentic and have more privacy.