What does Finstagram mean?

Finstagram means a fake Instagram account

A Finstagram is essentially a secondary, “fake” Instagram account that someone uses in addition to their main one. This is not a fraudulent account but more of a personal, intimate space for the user. It’s like a backstage pass into their life, showing a more candid and real version of them.

These accounts are often private and mostly followed by close friends. They are popular especially among women who want to escape the social pressures and expectations tied to their main Instagram accounts. The Finstagram, or ‘finsta’ as it is also known, allows them to share less polished, “unattractive” photos or inside jokes.

The user has the power to decide who can follow their finsta, giving them full control over their audience. This permits them to be more authentic and relaxed about what they post, knowing that only a selected group will see it. It’s as if they are screening a private film for a select audience.

Additionally, a Finstagram can also serve as a special interest account. Users might dedicate it to post about a particular hobby, random images or even cute pet photos. It provides a platform for sharing content that may not align with the aesthetic or theme of their main account.

Example for using ‘Finstagram’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of a finstagram?

Yeah, I have! It’s like a secret Instagram account, right? 🤫

Exactly! It’s a fake account where you can be more real and post stuff you wouldn’t on your main account.

Oh, I get it now! So, it’s like a private space to share inside jokes and random pics?

Yes, exactly! You can be yourself without worrying about impressing everyone.