What does Fish mean in DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports)?

A ‘Fish’ in slang is a casual player in fantasy sports

In the world of DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports), a ‘Fish’ is a player who is new to the game or simply plays casually. They are usually easy to beat due to their lack of experience.

These players, often referred to as minnows, are quite attractive to the seasoned players known as ‘sharks’. Sharks are experienced players who look for less competitive players to play against and make easy winnings.

It’s not surprising to find that about 70% of these ‘Fish’ end up losing their money in DFS. This money is typically won by the sharks who are better skilled and more experienced in the game.

The term ‘Fish’ is reminiscent of the phrase ‘shooting fish in a barrel’, which means an easy task, due to the ease with which these players can be defeated in the game.

Example for using ‘Fish’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that guy’s lineup in the fantasy sports league?

Yeah, it was so bad! He’s such a fish.

Haha, definitely! He’s an easy target for the more experienced players.

Exactly, the sharks are going to have a field day with him.