What does FITB stand for?

Fill in the blanks

FITB is a commonly used acronym standing for “Fill in the Blanks”. You can often see it in online chats or text messages. It’s a way of saying, “you figure it out” or “you fill in what’s missing”.

The origin of FITB is from quizzes or games that challenge you to find the right words to complete a sentence or an equation. It’s all about figuring out the missing pieces or understanding the underlying hints.

When a person uses FITB in a conversation, they are basically giving the other person the task of piecing together the missing information or understanding the implied message. So, next time you see FITB, remember it’s your cue to fill in the gaps.

Example for using ‘FITB’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the new episode of that show last night?

FITB! πŸ€”