Fiver Party

What does Fiver Party mean?

A kids’ birthday party where each guest brings $5 as a gift

A fiver party is a unique kind of birthday celebration where guests are asked to bring $5 instead of purchasing a costly gift. The idea behind this concept is to help guests save money. All the $5 bills collected are then used to buy a single, larger gift for the birthday person.

The concept of fiver parties was introduced to combat the issue of wastage associated with conventional birthday gifts. Often, children play with a new toy for a short period of time and then lose interest, leading to a pile of unused toys. A fiver party is a solution to this problem.

While these parties are most popular for children’s birthdays, they can also be organized for adults. Instead of receiving multiple small gifts and cards, the birthday person gets a single, substantial gift bought with the pooled money. This way, a fiver party ensures that the gift is something the birthday person truly wants or needs.

Example for using ‘Fiver Party’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about Sarah’s son’s birthday party?

Yeah, she’s having a fiver party!

What’s that?

It’s where guests give $5 instead of buying a gift.