What does Fizzling mean?

Ending a relationship due to lack of effort

Fizzling is a tactic used by someone in a relationship who wants to end it without having to have an open discussion about it. For instance, a person who is fizzling might start replying to your messages less frequently, and their responses might be short, hoping that you will take the hint and stop messaging them.

Through this method, the person who wants to end the relationship hopes that it will naturally “fizzle out,” avoiding a dramatic split. Unlike ghosting, which also results in the end of a relationship, fizzling is more prolonged.

Fizzling usually occurs when someone no longer wants to be in a relationship but doesn’t have the courage to say it’s over, also known as caspering. It can cause the relationship to linger on for weeks or even months after it should have officially ended.

Example for using ‘Fizzling’ in a conversation

Hey! I noticed you haven’t been texting me as much lately. Is everything okay?

Yeah, everything’s fine. Just been busy with work and stuff.

Oh, got it. It just feels like we’re not as close as we used to be. Is something changing?

Nah, nothing’s changing. Just been really tired lately.