What does FKA stand for?

Formerly known as

FKA is an acronym that stands for “formerly known as.” It is used to refer to a previous name or title that has been changed. This acronym can be applied to various things like books, movies, celebrities, and even organizations that have undergone a name change. It’s similar to other acronyms like AKA, which means “also known as,” and BKA, which means “better known as.”

When using FKA, it usually comes before the old name. For instance, if a musician named John Smith decided to change his stage name to Johnny Rockstar, he might be referred to as FKA John Smith. This acronym is commonly used on the internet and in text conversations to easily communicate name changes.

It’s worth noting that, while FKA can be used for any name change, it’s most often associated with the entertainment industry. So, if you come across this acronym, it’s likely referring to a show, movie, or celebrity that has decided to adopt a new name.

Example for using ‘FKA’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about that new show FKA ‘The Big Bang Theory’?

Yeah! I loved that show. It’s now called ‘Young Sheldon’.