What does FKT stand for in hiking and running?

Fastest known time

The slang term ‘FKT’ is widely used by runners and hikers and it stands for “fastest known time”. This term represents the quickest time in which a specific hiking or running trail has been completed by someone.

There’s an official website,, that keeps track of these records. As of the year 2021, this site has recorded FKTs for over 3,200 different routes.

But not every trail can qualify for an FKT. There are certain criteria that need to be met. The trail has to be at least five miles long or have a minimum of 500 feet of ascent. Plus, it needs to be a route that’s interesting to other runners. A simple loop around your local park won’t make the cut.

If you believe you’ve set a new FKT, you can submit it to Remember to stick to their rules when submitting. And if you’ve actually set a new record, you’ll get to see your name and time listed on the site, under the respective route.

Example for using ‘FKT’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about FKT?

Yeah, it stands for Fastest known time, right? It’s like the record for the fastest time someone has completed a running or hiking trail.

Exactly! People try to beat those times and there’s a website called where you can find all the official records.

Oh, cool! So, if I think I set a new fastest time, I can submit it there?

Yes, you can submit it to and if it’s verified, your name and time will appear on the trail’s listing. It’s pretty exciting!