What does Flatlander mean?

Someone who lives in a place without mountains

A Flatlander is someone who resides in an area that is predominantly flat, with little to no mountainous terrain. This term is often used in a negative context, commonly by people known as slednecks.

Often, this term is used to describe a person, typically a visitor or tourist, who does not live in a mountainous region. It’s a way for people living in the mountains to both figuratively and literally look down upon these individuals.

The term Flatlander also suggests that these individuals are generally more educated than slednecks. They are believed to depend more on jobs in developed sectors, unlike slednecks who are more likely to have labor-intensive jobs.

Example for using ‘Flatlander’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that tourist in town today? 🀣

Yeah, the one with the big camera? What about them? πŸ˜‚

Well, they were asking so many questions about the mountains. They’re such flatlanders! πŸ˜†

Haha, I know right? They probably never even hiked a trail before. 😝