What does Flex mean?

Boasting or bragging

Have you ever heard the term ‘Flex’? It’s a slang phrase that has its origins in bodybuilding where people ‘flex’ their muscles to show off strength. But nowadays, it’s not just for bodybuilders anymore. Flex is now a term used to describe anyone who is trying to impress others.

It’s often used when someone does or says something to show off. It might even be something silly or pointless, but the point is to catch attention. So, if someone is bragging about their new car or the expensive vacation they just had, they’re flexing.

Remember, the term flex is all about showing off. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not always a good thing either. Some people love a good flex, while others see it as a sign of arrogance. So, next time you hear someone using the term ‘Flex’, you’ll know exactly what they’re talking about.

Example for using ‘Flex’ in a conversation

Hey, check out my new car!

Wow, you really love to flex, don’t you?

Haha, yeah. I worked hard for it, so I gotta show it off!

Well, it’s definitely a flex-worthy ride. Nice!