What does Flurona mean?

Getting the flu and covid at the same time

Flurona isn’t a fresh variant of covid. It’s rather a slang that folks use when talking about contracting the flu and covid at the same time. This term, a blend of “flu” and “corona”, gained attention when several cases of flurona were reported in early 2022.

For instance, a case of flurona from Orange County, reported on January 7, 2022, received significant media attention. But the term isn’t strictly limited to simultaneous infections. Sometimes, people use flurona to talk about the experience of catching the flu and covid back-to-back.

Another term you might come across is twindemic. This word pops up in discussions about healthcare professionals’ efforts to battle the flu and covid simultaneously.

Example for using ‘Flurona’ in a conversation

Ugh, I’m feeling so sick today 😷

Oh no! What’s wrong?

I think I might have flurona. My head is pounding and I can’t stop coughing.

Flurona? What’s that?

It’s when you have both the flu and covid at the same time. It’s no joke.