What does Flyer mean in Fantasy Football?

Betting on a player who’s a bit of a risk

When you hear the term ‘Flyer’, it’s often related to taking a chance on an individual with high potential. This could be someone with questionable character traits who, despite their flaws, might still have something valuable to offer. It could be a troubled young person, a homeless individual, or someone struggling with addiction.

In the world of sports, particularly fantasy football, a ‘Flyer’ is a risky player who, despite some drawbacks, has the potential to be a valuable addition to a team. The player might be prone to injuries, lack experience, or be overshadowed by a more skilled player.

The term ‘Flyer’ could also be spelled as ‘Flier’. A fantasy team owner might take a ‘Flyer’ on a player by drafting them higher than their Average Draft Position (ADP), or picking them up from the waiver wire or free agency.

So, whether it’s in real life or the fantasy sports league, taking a ‘Flyer’ represents a gamble on someone’s potential, a leap of faith that could pay off massively or not at all.

Example for using ‘Flyer’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about this new player in our fantasy football league?

Yeah, I have. He’s a real flyer, huh?

Definitely! He’s got great potential, but there’s also a risk involved.

True, but sometimes taking a flyer can pay off big time!