What does FNB stand for?

Football and beer

When it comes to guys hanging out, two things are often at the top of the list: football and beer. This is where the slang term ‘FNB’ comes in. It stands for ‘Football and Beer’ and is usually used in texts between buddies to confirm the presence of these two elements in their plans.

Imagine you’re planning to meet your friends for a college football game on a Saturday. You might text them, “will there be FNB?” It’s a shorthand way of asking if there will be football to watch and beer to drink.

Or maybe, there’s a family gathering happening on the same day your beloved NFL team is playing. You might say, “I’m only going to Aunt Jane’s BBQ if there’s FNB“. In other words, you’re indicating that your attendance is contingent on the availability of football and beer.

Example for using ‘FNB’ in a conversation

Hey, are we still on for this weekend?

Yeah, sure. What’s the plan?

Not sure yet. But there’s gotta be FNB for sure.

Haha, of course. No weekend without FNB, right?