What does FNF BF stand for in gaming?

Friday Night Funkin’ Boyfriend

FNF BF is a character from the rhythm game, Friday Night Funkin’. Players control this character in a series of musical battles. The goal? To secure a smooch from your sweetheart.

Described by his signature blue hair and red attire, FNF BF is always seen holding a microphone. His love for music and rapping is evident, as well as his fondness for donuts. However, his most standout trait is his determination, a key attribute when facing various opponents, including his girlfriend’s protective dad.

The acronym FNF BF is most commonly utilized within the tight-knit gaming community of Friday Night Funkin’. You’ll likely encounter it in online discussions or forums dedicated to the game. Similarly, the game’s main characters, the Boyfriend and Girlfriend, are often referred to as BF and GF.

Example for using ‘FNF BF’ in a conversation

Hey, have you played Friday Night Funkin’?

Yeah, it’s so much fun! I love the characters, especially FNF BF!

Same here! FNF BF is the Boyfriend character, right?

Yes, exactly! He’s the one with the blueish hair, red hat, and holds a microphone.