What does FNF GF stand for?

Friday Night Funkin’ Girlfriend

In the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF), there’s a character known as FNF GF. This term is used by players to refer to the Girlfriend character in the game.

When playing FNF, you take on the role of the Boyfriend, a rapper who’s trying to win a series of rap battles to keep dating the FNF GF. The Girlfriend character is recognizable by her reddish-brown hair and red dress.

Some fun facts about FNF GF: she is the child of two characters known as Daddy Dearest and Mommy Dearest, and she has quite specific tastes. For example, she enjoys playing Tetris, having olives on her pizza, and drinking cherry-flavored Dr. Pepper.

Interestingly, FNF GF also acts as the game’s first “opponent” by teaching players how to navigate the game in the “Tutorial” section. This is why she’s often referred to as the Boyfriend’s first opponent.

The use of the term FNF GF is mostly limited to players of Friday Night Funkin’. Similarly, gamers also use abbreviations like BF and GF to refer to the main characters, Boyfriend and Girlfriend, in the game.

Example for using ‘FNF GF’ in a conversation

Hey, have you played FNF?

Yeah, I love that game! Have you met FNF GF?

Of course! FNF GF is the Girlfriend character, right?

Exactly! She’s the one with brownish/redish hair and a red dress.