What does FOAF stand for?

Friend of a friend

FOAF is an acronym for “friend of a friend”. It is typically used when you’re referring to someone you know indirectly, through a mutual friend. For instance, if your bestie, Sarah, tells you “a FOAF can get us into that sold-out gig”, she means a friend of her friend can get you both tickets to the concert.

This term has another, less common, usage. It’s also used to reference the Friend of a Friend project. This is a web-based collection of machine-readable profiles that show how people are linked together. Profiles in this project are used by researchers to study social networks and the activities that happen within them.

Example for using ‘FOAF’ in a conversation

Hey, do you know anyone who can fix my laptop?

Hmm, not sure. Let me ask around. πŸ€”

Thanks! Let me know if you find anyone.

Got it! One of my FOAFs is really good with computers. I’ll check if they can help. πŸ‘