What does FOFL mean?

Falling on the floor laughing

When you come across ‘FOFL’ in a text or social media post, it’s an indication that the person found something so amusing, they felt like they could fall onto the floor from laughing so hard. It’s usually used to exaggerate the extent of their amusement.

For instance, if a buddy tells you about the time he confused your dad for a famous actor, you might reply with “FOFL. That’s so funny!” Or, when you share a hilarious cartoon with your cousin, she might respond with, “That’s brilliant. FOFL!

‘FOFL’ is one of the various exaggerated ways to express laughter or amusement online. It’s a bit more intense than the common ‘LOL’. Other similar expressions include ‘ROFL’, ‘LMAO’, ‘FOCL’, and ‘IAWMP’.

Example for using ‘FOFL’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video of the cat falling off the table?

FOFL! Yes, I nearly fell off my chair laughing! 🤣

Haha, it was hilarious! I couldn’t stop watching it.

I know, right? That cat’s reaction was priceless! FOFL!