What does FOFLMAO stand for?

Falling on the floor laughing my a** off

FOFLMAO is used in text messages or online to express intense amusement or laughter. Let’s say, for instance, you film a hysterically funny clip of your cat chasing its tail, you might send it to your friend with a message saying, “FOFLMAO!”

This particular slang isn’t commonly used due to its length, as there are shorter, more popular options available for expressing humor or amusement. These include simpler expressions like haha, or acronyms like ROFL and PMP.

Nevertheless, if you feel the need to really emphasize how much you’re laughing, FOFLMAO or another similar, lengthier acronym could do the trick. Other options might be ROFLMAO or OMGROFLMAO, which all indicate a high level of amusement or laughter.

Example for using ‘FOFLMAO’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video I sent you of the dog watching TV? FOFLMAO! 不

Haha, yes! That was hilarious! 不不

I know, right? I couldn’t stop laughing! FOFLMAO! 不不不

ROFL! It’s so funny how the dog reacted to the show! 不