What does FOH stand for?

F*** outta here

FOH is a crude acronym that’s often used to dismiss someone or their comment. It comes into play during text chats or online messaging when one person doesn’t appreciate what the other is saying. It has a similar vibe to the more well-known slang, GTFO.

Its main purpose is to express a strong dislike for a person’s statement or behavior. It’s a direct way of shutting down a conversation or showing disagreement without needing to elaborate.

Remember, slang like FOH can be quite harsh and might not be suitable for all types of conversations. So, use it wisely, and remember it’s always better to communicate your thoughts in a respectful way.

Example for using ‘FOH’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about that new restaurant downtown?

Yeah, I went there last night. The food was terrible, FOH!

Really? I thought the reviews were good. Maybe you just had a bad experience.

Nah, trust me, it was awful. FOH with that place.